Classes and Schedule


We are open:

Mon-Fri 6:00AM-2:00PM & 4:00PM-10:00PM
Sat 8:00AM-4:00PM
Sun 8:00AM-2:00PM

Novice Boxing

This is our beginner friendly class that revolves around the fundamentals of boxing. Students will learn basic footwork and combinations, how to throw punches with correct form, how to block, slip, and roll properly, and more.

open box

Open Boxing

This class is for our more advanced students that have learned the basics and have a good understanding of boxing fundamentals. In this class students will work on more complex combinations, defensive maneuvers, counter punching, pivots, shifts, and more.

Youth Boxing

This class is for our students between the ages of 5-17, or until they are prepared to join the open boxing class. We provide a safe environment for our youth to learn the sport of boxing while working to improve their discipline, respect, and confidence in themselves

kids box

We are open:

Mon-Fri    6:15AM-2:00PM     4:00PM-9:00PM
Sat-Sun    8:00AM-4:00PM


* All our classes have a capacity limit, so we can ensure that every student gets an equal opportunity to learn from our coaches.

Monthly Seminars

Once a month we hold a seminar available to all members. These seminars are focused on a different skill-set each month, aimed to help develop our students boxing abilities in whichever topic is being focused on.
Contact us to see when our next seminar is being held